• Server Status : OFFLINE
  • Castle Owner : NONE
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Latest News

  • • Welcome to Infinity KalOnline!

    - Infinity Kal Official start date:
    - Next Friday 19/04/2019 18:00 Server time.
    - 1 hour EXP Event will be held, don't miss it.
    - Invite your friends and don't forget to vote for rewards.
    - Keep in touch with us on our facebook page, discord channel or support ticket.
    - Register your account here.
    - Download our client/update here.

Infinity Kal

  • - 4 Classes (No Shaman).
    - Medium to low rate server with custom drop rate.
    - Picture of Hell Rent Weapon (for PVE Attack only).
    - Anti-Ks System - button "K" button to enable/disable.
    - Various rewards for all Battle Systems.
    - Event Manager - players can return items to open random events for the whole server.
    - F10/Emok/Lord/Mautareta Systems.
    - Awakening System [81+].
    - Castle War System With Rewards.
    - Completely working Trigram System.
    - International Costumes.
    - Updated 2nd job skills.
    - Daily/repeatable/task Quests.
    - Crafting System.
    - Mining System.
    - Buffer NPC + Buff Scrolls.
    - Reworked International Areas with level limits.
    - International max grade for armors and weapons.
    - Easy 3rd Job Quest.
    - International 3rd Job with passive skills,blessing son of the sky & Mystery Skills.
    - Valley Of D'evah Quest (with Essences Masters only).
    - International Dragon Spirit Scroll System - fast fusing time.
    - International Qigong + Perforation Shot System - fast fusing time.
    - Real BOF With Effects & Half/Full Set Bonus.
    - Multi Client option - you can open how many clients you want.
    - Fishing System + Fishing Rewards.
    - Shop Reward System - open up a shop and get Infinity Coin every 45 min with different level reward.
    - International Honor System with improved Honor Stores.
    - Donation Store well balanced - no pay to win.
    - Custom MD5 Protection.
    - Stone Of Chance for Mystery Skills.
    - A lot of new things to discover ingame


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